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The Elisha Kent Kane Historical Society is a 501(c)3 Historical Society organized in the State of New York for the purposes of preserving and disseminating the lore and artifacts of nineteenth century Arctic exploration. During this century of wild expansionism throughout the world, the search for the Northwest Passage and the North Pole epitomized the idealism and romantic imagination of the era. Our internet site contains an excerpt from Kane's second Arctic account, as well as a selection of biographies of polar explorers, plus a list of Officers, a Doctoral Thesis written on the life of Kane and his charismatic effect on the fabric of American culture, as well as a chronology (under construction!) of the western exploration of the Canadian Arctic. The site also contains material relating to the governance and administration of the Society. The site is under constant development and we welcome comments and suggestions, as well as contributions of material. Future plans for the site include photographs of the holdings of the EKKHS at its rooms in New York City, as well as a maps section.

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